Range Rover Velar Dashboard Lights

Range Rover Velar

When a dashboard light appears in your Range Rover Velar, the vehicle’s computer system is trying to update you on the status of a specific feature or part. There are some dashboard lights that alert you to a potential problem, while others are simply there to tell you a system is active.

If you spot a dashboard light while cruising through Cleveland, Garfield Heights, or Parma, OH, it’s important to know what it means. That’s why our team at Land Rover Westside has created this guide to the Range Rover Velar dashboard lights. Schedule a service appointment today.

Dashboard Light Colors

Dashboard Lights

If a red warning light appears on your dashboard, the problem should be investigated immediately. You should find a safe place to pull over and seek the assistance of a qualified Land Rover technician.

An amber or yellow dashboard light indicates that a vehicle system needs attention as soon as possible. Green and blue lights, on the other hand, are there to let you know that a system is active.

Seat Belt

Selt Belt Dashboard LightIf you see what looks like a passenger sitting with a seat belt on, this is the seat belt dashboard light. When it illuminates, you’ll also hear a chime.

This light has a simple fix. All you have to do is properly fasten your seat belt and watch it disappear.

Battery Charge

When you see this Range Rover Velar dashboard light, there’s a fault in the vehicle’s charging system. There may not be an immediate issue with the battery, but it could run out of charge if you continue to drive.

This warning light looks like a battery with a plus and minus symbol on either side.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

This dashboard light looks like a circle enclosed in parentheses. It has the letters “ABS” on the inside.

If you see this light, a problem has been detected within the anti-lock braking system. You’ll still have normal brake power, so drive with care to a Land Rover service center as soon as possible.

Brake Warning Light

Brake Warning LightWhen this light appears on the dashboard of your Range Rover Velar, you’ll see a circle enclosed in parentheses, but this time there’ll be an exclamation point on the inside.

Whether this light appears on its own or alongside the Anti-Lock Braking System light, a serious problem has been detected in the vehicle’s braking system. As soon as safety permits, carefully pull over and seek the assistance of a factory-certified technician.

Check Engine Dashboard Light

This is one of the most easily recognizable Range Rover Velar dashboard lights. It looks like an engine. When it’s illuminated, an issue has been detected in the engine or emissions system.

Depending on what the problem is, the vehicle may enter Limp-Home Mode. It’ll limit the performance of your SUV to protect vital components against damage. That way you can get home or to a nearby service center safely.

Low Fuel Warning

This dashboard light is easy to diagnose and fix. It looks like a fuel pump with an arrow pointing to the side where the gas cap can be found.

When it lights up, all you have to do is head to the nearest gas station and fill up the tank.

Learn More About the Range Rover Velar Dashboard Lights

You’ll have more confidence as you cruise through Cleveland, Garfield Heights, and Parma, Ohio, now that you know what the Range Rover Velar dashboard lights are trying to tell you. If you need one diagnosed or fixed, stop by the service center here at Land Rover Westside.

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