Commercial & Fleet Vehicles at Land Rover Westside

Thank you for considering Land Rover Westside and the Montrose Auto Group for your corporate fleet or municipal vehicle purchases and service. Whether you are looking for two vehicles or a fleet of hundreds, the Montrose Auto Group’s commitment to excellence has made us one of the largest fleet automotive groups in the state of Ohio. We offer a large selection of fleet and commercial vehicles of several brands to handle any of your business needs.

Our knowledgeable staff has over 60 years of combined fleet and government sales experience and we are prepared to assist you with all your fleet and commercial needs.

  • State / Local Government Vehicles
  • Taxi / Delivery Service
  • Police Vehicles
  • Ambulance / EMS
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Cargo Vehicles
  • Corporate Fleet Sales & Service


Difference Between Fleet and Commercial Vehicles

As a matter of comparison and distinction, please allow the following to summarize the differences between what is referenced as a fleet vehicle and a commercial vehicles.
Commercial vehicles are used for transporting materials for a business, a group of passengers, or heavy duty equipment. For example, someone in the construction business or delivery service business would more than likely be looking for a commercial vehicle(s).
On the other hand, fleet vehicles are a group of vehicles used and owned by a business or organization. Generally speaking, they are used by the company’s employees. In this case, these type of vehicles can be anything from sedans to SUV’s to trucks to vans. They are considered a fleet vehicle(s) as long as they are not privately owned. Commercial vehicles are considered fleet vehicles when they are used for a business or organization.






Large Companies & Organizations

Police & Sheriff Departments

Fire Departments



Debbie Mullins
Debbie Mullins
Fleet Manager
Office: 330.666.0711 x161

“I’ve been in the car business for 27 years now and have been enthusiastically working at the Montrose Auto Group for 25 of those years. It is hard to believe that many years have already passed. One of the functions, among others, of the Fleet Department at Montrose is to sell vehicles to leasing companies for all of their client’s immediate needs. Some of these companies are among the largest companies in the country. Company cars are ordered directly from the manufacturer through the leasing companies and sent to us. We then deliver the units to local individuals in our area. It our business, this practice is often referred to as “courtesy vehicle deliveries.” I take great pride in delivering first class customer service to our customers. And remember, you truly have a friend at Montrose!”

Derek Powers
Derek Powers
Fleet & Government Sales Manager
Office: 330.666.0711 x162
Mobile: 419.606.5659

“As the retirement of my father Jeff Powers was taking place, I was asked to consider “continuing the legacy” that my father had built for the past 30+ years. Although this was a very difficult decision as I would need to leave my current job of almost 17 years, it was an opportunity to see my father’s work through and indeed “continue his legacy”. My family, friends, and former employer all stood behind me in this decision and supported my every move. I am an Army Veteran with 4 daughters and a wonderful spouse. We enjoy hunting, fishing, four-wheeling, and camping. I look forward to working with and getting to know you better as a customer and friend.”

Cameron Coyne
Cameron Coyne
Commercial Fleet Sales Manager
Office: 330.666.0711 x164
Mobile: 440.867.8667

“When I decided to make a career change in June of 2019, I thought of my brother who worked in the auto business. His stories influenced me and my decision to sell cars and eventually join the Fleet team. When not at work, I can be found hiking at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park with my dog Soldier or riding my Harley! I also take great pride in that I volunteer for The Sub Zero Mission. They help the homeless stay warm in the winter in Northeast Ohio and other regions with a special focus on homeless veterans. We collect hats, coats, gloves, boots, sleeping bags, and other warming items and deliver them to the homeless from November into March. I am equally excited about the opportunity to work with each of you!”

Angel Woodward
Angel Woodard
Fleet Assistant
Office: 330.666.0711 x163

“Although I go by Angel, my proper name is Angelique. For the past five and a half years, I’ve been fortunate to be a member of the Montrose Auto Group’s fleet department. I generally get involved in almost all aspects of the department’s duties, but my primary objective is to assist with courtesy deliveries. Specifically, I assist with the delivery and pick up of our customer’s new company cars. In addition, I prepare all of the paperwork for the titles and plates. In my spare time, I manage and bartend at a little bar in Akron. I love seeing all of the smiling faces!”

Land Rover Fleet and Business

Land Rover…meeting the needs of company car drivers, fleet managers and business. Land Rover even offers a diplomat and embassy program. Learn more about Land Rover Fleet and Business .


Fleet Hotline

If you have an upcoming bid and would like to receive a volume discount quote or if you need help developing custom vehicle specifications, contact our FLEET HOTLINE at 330.666.0711

For fleet and commercial vehicles, please contact Derek Powers or Cameron Coyne. For courtesy deliveries, lease and corporate vehicles please contact Debbie Mullins.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your commercial and fleet business. And remember, You’ve Got a Friend at Montrose!